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The Team

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Team: Team

Dr. Chen Hsueh Chu, Rebecca
Deputy Coordinator

Head of Centre for Language in Education, EdUHK

Mr John Della Pietra
Language Adviser &
Content Editor


Lecturer, Language Centre, HKBU

Department of Education Studies, HKBU

Dr. Lisa Deng
Team Member

Ms Jane Lo
Language Adviser

Ex-Language Centre colleague

Miss Tiffany So

Primary school English teacher

HKBU students who have helped in the project:

BA & BEd English Language and Literature & 

English Language Teaching Programme

Miss Ho Wing Yin, Sally (2017)

Mr Lam Wai Chung, Kelvin (2017)

Miss Kwan Tang Yuen, Tina (2017)

Miss Chan May Tsun, Mildred (2018)

Miss Cheung Cheuk Yu, Katniss (2019)

Miss Noel Vanessa Kwok (2019)


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Dr. Chan Hang, Joshua

Senior Lecturer & Section Head,

Language Centre, HKBU

Dr. Li Ying Xi, Cissy
Deputy Coordinator

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Head of Language Centre, HKBU

Ms Ma Yao Yao Winifred

Department of Education Studies, HKBU

Miss Minnie Ko

Department of Education Studies, HKBU

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