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The Lion Rock English Poetry Awards 2022

Be first to celebrate poetry inquiry

Territory-wide competition:
20 August 2022 (via Zoom)


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Story behind the competition

Literature cannot thrive without an inquiring mind. Under the Lion Rock Hill, The Hong Kong Baptist University, and in particular, its Language Centre, is at the forefront of promoting literacy and literature in local academic circles. The hosting of the Lion Rock Poetry Reading Events, since 2004, has served as a solid testimony of its steep history in support of literary appreciation activities in the over 18 years.

在獅子山下,香港浸會大學,尤其其「語文中心」,在推動學界文學教育發展上一直走在前列。自 2004 年起,我們舉辦了各式各樣的詩歌研習活動,印證了我校十八多年來全力支持文學賞析的悠久歷史。 

The Lion Rock, now serving as a symbol of literary appreciation and expression, has become the title of this special Award which is co-organized by both departments. This year, the Award recognizes two important skill areas of young English poetry readers: (a) English poetry recitation and (b) interpretation and inquiry*.



We give voices to young poetry readers. We see it as our central mission to promote children's poetry as a cherished resource for exploring emotions, understanding life and enriching cultural knowledge. The Award is most suitable for those children who seek an alternative expression of their poetic thoughts, who want to go beyond performing traditional recitals in competitions.


*This competition does not assess nor accept self-written poems.

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Target students: Primary school students

Award Title

The Lion Rock English Poetry Award (Recital & Interpretation)


Each contestant should submit one video that contains two elements:

-Recital: perform a recitation of a children's poem; read it in a manner which is faithful to its meaning, emotion, and techniques.


-Interpretation/Inquiry: use the same poem to tell a story, express a (happy/sad) feeling, illustrate a moral, remember a person, tell a joke or to make unusual observations. The key question is: Is there a moment when reading a poem that makes you think of something?

憑同一首詩歌說一個故事、表達情感(例如快樂、悲傷等)、說明一個道理、帶出一側笑話或描述對詩歌的看法。 讀這一首詩的時候,你想到什麼?

Grading criteria:

  • Recital & engagement (pronunciation & delivery) 50%

  • Interpretation (meaningfulness & explanation) 50%

  • Adherence to the time limit: Exceeding the time limit (3 minutes) will result in downgrading.





  • Introduce the title and author

  • Be natural

  • Eye contact

  • Clear and focused

  • Use English

  • Solo performance

  • Speak from a script

  • Exceeds the time limit

  • Not showing your face and mouth

  • Content too abstract for other young  poetry readers

Award Categories


-Junior Primary level (Primary school levels 1-3)

-Senior Primary level (Primary school levels 4-6)

-All contestants will be considered for the Lion Rock Distinction Award (Overall champions).

The organizers can revise or refine these award categories as necessary.

The Syllabus


Please download the syllabus.





This competition does not assess learners' self-written poems. If a contestant attempts to use a poem outside of the syllabus, approval must be sought from the organizers in advance.


All submitted poems in videos are independently graded by at least two judges to increase objectivity in the assessment. However, submitting a video is not the final stage of the competition. Once short-listed, a contestant should be prepared to recite the poem in front of the judges via Zoom on 20 August, the date of the Competition. 

The judging panel consists of teachers from local tertiary institutions and poets from overseas. The main language in a submitted video, therefore, should be English.

The Competition Date


The Competition will be held on 20 August 2022. Results are announced on the same date. Shortlisted applicants will be informed in July 2022. 


This is an open competition. Non-contestants, including students, teachers and the general public, are welcome to attend it.

Programme run-down will be announced in due course.

Award levels

           Junior Primary: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green medals

           Senior Primary: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green medals


           The Lion Rock Distinctions (Recital / Interpretation)


Winners' videos may be published on this website. A certificate bearing the name of the Lion Rock Awards will be conferred. 

Syllabus for the competition


Gold medal HKD 400 dollars
Silver medal HKD 300 dollars
Bronze medal HKD 200 dollars
Green Medal HKD 100 dollars

Lion Rock Distinction (excellent recital) +HKD 300 dollars
Lion Rock Distinction
 (excellent interpretation) +HKD 300 dollars

Enroll now
Registration is now closed. 

Submitting the video
Each contestant can submit at a maximum two videos for consideration.

The link for video submission is sent to registrants on 10 June 2022.

Important dates

Enrollment & preparation of video(s) for the Awards: March-June 2022
Submission begins: 10 June 2022
Submission due: 25 June 2022

Shortlist: July 2022
Competition and Results: 20 August 2022 (Saturday)

Judges (Continuously updated)
We are grateful for these judges' support of this event. It is our policy to give ;earners and contestants comments on the videos they submitted.


John Coldwell.jpg

Mr John COLDWELL, poet from England and currently residing in France


Mr John DELLA PIETRA, teacher from the Language Centre, HKBU

John Rice.jpg

Mr John RICE, poet from England

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